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Attorney Shay Tyrone Allen

Candidate for Cook County Circuit Court Judge for the 5th Subcircuit

Election Day is March 20, 2018

Shay Tyrone Allen was born and raised in Chicago, a fourth-generation son of the South Side and proud product of Chicago Public Schools who understands the city’s people and the intricacies of its sociopolitical landscape.

A legal powerhouse dedicated to fairness and justice, Allen’s extensive legal experience is unparalleled. He is a former Cook County prosecutor who handled thousands of complex cases from drug charges to high-profile murder cases. He later served as a litigation specialist at Lee & Fairman, one of the largest minority-owned law firms in the Midwest, where his primary practice areas included criminal defense and civil litigation. His clients prevailed in multimillion-dollar lawsuits. He also successfully defended clients facing false murder or attempted murder charges.

Allen recognized early in his career the need to commit himself to unbundling the usual restraints such as substance abuse problems and mental health issues that often play a role in a defendant's guilt or innocence. His academic training and practical legal experience have borne in him a unique perspective that yields innovative and unconventional approaches in the courtroom for his clients’ benefit.

Allen, who currently leads a thriving law practice, The Law Offices of Shay T. Allen, which focuses on civil rights, criminal defense, and personal injury, is a tireless advocate and legal servant of more than 100 municipalities in the Chicagoland area. He holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from Xavier University and a Juris Doctorate from Howard University.


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